We understand what your pet means to you so we stock top quality Cat food to help ensure your beloved cats healthy. We carry FROMM, ACANA, HOLISTIC SELECT and many more.


At Lucy's we believe in the quality of your pets life so we carry a select line of PREMIUM DOG FOOD including brands such as FROMM, WELLNESS, EVO and many more.

Wild Birds

We carry full line of Wild Bird Seed as well as meal worms, a wide selection of bird feeders, bird houses and supplies to make your bird watching hobby enjoyable.

Horses & More

We are a TRIBUTE brand horse feed dealer. We also carry Oats, Hay Cubes, Beet Pulp Shreds Pine Shavings, Pelleted Bedding, halters, leads and many other horse supplies.

Welcome to Lucy’s

Your Source of Feed and Supplies for All Your Animals Large or Small

Lucy’s Pet Supplies & Feeds, LLC was born October 1, 2007. What makes us different from other Pet Supply stores? Well, we not only carry dog, cat and small animal food and supplies, we also have horse feed, chicken/turkey/duck feeds, alpaca and pot bellied pig foods as well as a full line of Wild Bird Seed and Bird Feeders.

From Hamsters to Horses and Wild Birds too!
Lucy’s is here to help you take the best care of your animal companions!

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