About Lucy’s Pet Supplies and Feeds

From Hamsters to Horses and Wild Birds too!

Lucy’s is here to help you with the health, safety and well being of your animal companions!  Our mission is to create a fun, positive, learning environment for our customers and their pets.  We carry healthy, natural, holistic foods and treats. We have rounded out our selection with a full line of collars, leashes, grooming supplies, supplements and toys.

Dog and Cat Food and Supplies

Fur, hair, scales or feathers, Lucy’s is growing our small animal, exotic bird and reptile departments.

We carry a variety of packaged foods and chews for your small furry or feathered companions including Zupreem and F.M. Browns.  Lucy’s has live crickets, mealworms and frozen mice and rats for your reptile friends.  Heat lamps, bulbs, and substrates are also available.

Small Animal Supplies and Food

If your animal companions are out in the barn

Then Lucy’s has you covered! We carry poultry feeds as well as whole and cracked corn. Lucy’s is proud to be a Tribute Equine Nutrition Dealer.  We have partnered with Kalmbach Feeds to bring this amazing line of horse feed to our customers.  We also carry pine shavings, pelleted bedding, grooming supplies, and treats for your horses.

Horse and Livestock Feed and Supply

If it’s wild birds you love

Then Lucy’s has the largest selection of bird feeders in the area.  For us, bird feeders are like potato chips, one is never enough!  Lucy’s also carries Natures Window Bird Seed Mixes as well as Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Thistle, Safflower Seed and Peanuts.

Wild Bird Seed, Suet, Houses, Feeders and More

Whether it’s in the house, barn or backyard; Lucy’s Pet Supplies & Feeds is here to work with you to ensure the well being of your animal companions.

Looking After Your Pets Nutrition One Neighbor At A Time!

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