Martingale Style Collar

We have been purchasing products for our dogs at Lucy’s for some time. This year they all have new collars in the Martingale collar style. I have been unable to find Martingale style collars anywhere else. We also buy Fromm Adult Gold from you and our 3 terriers are happy and healthy. It is nice to not worry about the food we give them and we especially love your frequent buyer program.

Thank you so much for such a great local pet supply store!

Jennifer V.
snow woman bird feeder

Our birds are quite happy with this snow woman feeder! We’re especially pleased that we have a red-breasted nuthatch using it. He has not been a regular at our other feeders, but he sure does like this!! Thanks Angela Phelps-Grogan!!

Erin Allard Gertiser

My dog loves the new food you helped me select last weekend. She seems less itchy. Her breath is improving with the supplement you selected as well. You have the magic touch with feeds. (I know you have spent many hours studying what is good for our animal friends) Thank you so very much.

ps: granddaughter tried out the doggie cookies we bought, LOVES THEM giggles