A high-fat, vitamin, mineral fortified supplement for use in all horses.

Features and benefits of K Finish:

  • A 25% fat extruded blend of full-fat soybeans, flaxseeds and rice bran to add bloom and condition.

  • Provides the essential amino acids required for growth and muscle maintenance.

  • Supplies essential organic minerals to support normal bone and tissue growth.

  • Provides the essential fatty acids, including omega 3 and 6, required or healthy skin, healthy haircoat and support of normal tissue function.

  • Higher levels of essential vitamins E and C, as well as selenium – important antioxidants, effective in reducing damage to body tissues and enhancing your horse’s immunity.

  • Convenient: designed to mix well with horse’s grain.

  • Excellent for hard keepers and horses requiring less sugar and starch in their diets, like those that hyperactive to have metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, laminitis, ulcers, obesity or tying-up issues.

  • Increased nutrient density will help reduce the amount of grain you need to feed your horse.

  • Formulated with Sel-Plex, BioPlex,and Integral.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.)… 12%

Lysine (Min.) … 1.0%

Methionine (Min.)… 0.39%

Methionine and Cystine (Min.)… 0.6%

Threonine (Min.) … 0.72%

Crude Fat (Min.) …25%

Crude Fiber (Max.) … 8%

Calcium (Ca) (Min.) … 0.8%

Calcium (Ca) (Max.) … 1.25%

Phosphorus (P) (Min.) … 0.40%

Copper (Cu) (Min.) … 20 ppm

Zinc (Zn) (Min.) … 70 ppm

Selenium (Se) (Min.) … 0.4 ppm

Potassium (K) (Min.)… 1.0%

Magnesium (Mg) (Min.) … 0.3%

Manganese (Mn) (Min.)… 150 ppm

Cobalt (Co) (Min.) … 2.5 ppm

Iron (Fe) (Min.)… 130 ppm

Iodine (I) (Min.)… 4 ppm

Salt (NaCI) (Min.) … 0.5%

Salt (NaCI)(Max.) … 1.0%

Vitamin A (Min.) … 3,000 IU/lb.

Vitamin D (Min.) … 300 IU/lb.

Vitamin E (Min.) … 300 IU/lb.

Vitamin C (Min.) … 10 mg/lb.

Biotin (Min.) …0.45 mcg/lb.

Thiamine (Min.) … 4 mg/lb.

Riboflavin (Min.) … 0.7 mg/lb.

Omega 6 Fatty Acids (Min.)… 12%

Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Min.)… 4%

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